A little bit of info about myself…

I guess you could say that my passion for photography began at about 7.30am on my 5th birthday. I still remember opening my parents gift and finding my first ever camera - a Nikon CoolPix from 2005. The enjoyment that I got from taking pictures of everything from candid family moments to random out of focus attempts at macro shots of grass in the backyard was immense and something that for the most part still remains whenever I pick up a camera today.

In 2012 we were lucky enough to take a family vacation to the Kingdom of Tonga. It was here that my passion for photography, quite literally, took off. When the owner of our accomodation pulled out a DJI Phantom with his GoPro precariously mounted on the underside and proceeded to pilot the aircraft out over a reef some 900m away, I instantly knew I wanted to try this myself. After much begging, my father agreed to help me fund the cheapest drone we could find, the catch was however we had to build it, from scratch, together!

Nowadays, at 17 years old, my passion continues to grow and at the moment my photographic specialties lie in aerial and timelapse photography/cinematography.

If you are interested in seeing my ever growing portfolio of work please check out my galleries across this site, and if you are interested in getting any prints, collaborating, or wish to enquire about some hiring my services then please don’t hesitate to drop me a line in the contact section!